Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 06

Day 06 - Short goals you wish to fulfill by the end of the month

Ok, so by the end of the month I'd like to have finished my 2 assignments, so then I have a comfortable amount of time to look over them before final submission in May.

I would like to have sorted out a bit more for the Graduation Ball, maybe have some serious ideas for dresses as I have hardly had a chance to look!

I'd like to think I can control my money a bit better so I stand a chance at maybe a cheap holiday deal after I finish my degree in the summer.

That'll do for now! Keep 'um realistic!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Day Yesterday and Day 05 & 06

I was quite busy yesterday. I attended the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Congress 2011 held this time in Liverpool at the Echo Arena. It was a great day with lots of stalls (and freebies!), I attended some really interesting seminars! One in particular about Facebook. Did you know that a page you 'like' can use your other 'likes' to compare you to other fans? It really got me wondering about Facebook and who I am sharing things with. Facebook is making their privacy settings increasingly complicated. Have you ever thought how many people could be viewing that picture of you on a night out if your settings are 'friends of friends'? If you have 300 friends and each of them has 300 friends and they are also set to 'friends of friends' that is more maths than I can even do! You are really relying on your friends privacy settings. I know I'll be reviewing my privacy settings.

Day 05. 5 interesting facts about your family.

1. My Dad is one of 11 brothers and sisters, My mum has a brother and a sister. I however am an only child.
2. Nearing the end of the WWII my nan was a volunteer in the WRENs and my Grandad also recieved a medal which I keep safe. Sadly I don't know what this medal was for.
3. On 23 September 1943 my Dad's uncle, Private Joseph Layfield 3775137, 1st Bn., Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), died at the age of 23 (only 2 years older than me now) fighting in WWII, he is buried in Salerno War Cemetary. I'd love to take my dad to visit his grave.
4. My Mum was born in Somerset.
5. My Nan was from Dudley, she didn't speak like anyone elses Nan which made her even more special to me.

Day 06. What you would find in your bag.
You would find a lot of receipts, my phone, my filofax, my purse. PLENTY of lipsticks, glosses, balms. Girly things. Pens! Paracetamol, Ibuprofen... You name it, I'll have it.


Monday, 11 April 2011


I don't know if you will have heard of these, but I love them! Almost a new take on the charm bracelet, quite similar to Links and Pandora bracelets, although this is my favourite.

I started my collection on my 21st birthday in November. I received a Troll ring which I'd picked out off of my Mum and Dad. I absolutely love it, it is quite unusual looking and the engraving is gorgeous.

Jugend Pearl - the picture really doesn't do it justice, but I love it.

Then, as a surprise my boyfriend bought me a bracelet with 2 starter glass beads and a silver bead, and since then I have continued to add beads that relate to me.

My beads are, from left to right, French Anemone - which reminds me of Spring as I love flowers, Scottish Terrier - obviously for my gorgeous Dougal, (Discontinued Glass Bead) - I won this in a Trollbeads competition and the colours remind me of holiday and Greece, Carved Flowers, I picked this bead out off of Paul for my 21st (I later found out how expensive it was! - oops!), White Bubbles, reminds me of winter and all the snow, Heart Prints was picked out for me by Paul, Milan, strangely reminds me of a different city in a different country. It reminds me of Parc Guel in Barcelona which I loved when I visited nearly 2 years ago. Lastly is my newest addition, these photographs don't do it justice, it is called Green Flower Mosaic and it is a beautiful sparkly green! This was given to me by Paul on our 2 year anniversary.

I just love how you can attach your own meaning and there is SO many to choose from! My next one I would like is called Mocha which is a coffee bean design, this reminds me of my Nan as when I was younger she wore a coffee bean on a gold chain and it means so much to me to transfer this with a modern twist, and perhaps I can pass it down, like my Nan.

With Troll you can also choose the design of the lock on the chain, mine is lace flowers, so you really do feel unique with your bracelet!

I think they are a fabulous company with many, many beautiful designs. I would recommend their jewellery to anyone.

You can visit their website at or
you can follow them on Twitter: @mytrollbeads
and on Facebook by searching for My Trollbeads
- they occasionally have some little competitions running with lovely little prizes!


It's Day 04 in the 30 Day Challenge

Day 04 - 5 things you love right now

Ok, I'm usually full of love for things so I shall try and narrow it down!

1. Sad, right I know, but these last few days of sun have really made my nails grow! So I'm loving how fab my nails look painted. Also I'm loving nail art at the minute, looks ace!

2. I am loving how warm it's been! Granted today has been dull where I am, but it just goes to show it's nearly summer time!!

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 is out now on DVD! I'm a geek.

4. Microwave Popcorn. Salted. Mmmmm... so tasty, so moreish!

5. And lastly, my new placement on ITU, granted only done my first day today but it was really interesting. Feeling like I won't want to leave in 4 weeks time.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

An actual post!

Though I'd write a little something about nothing.

Some might find this morbid, but today me and my boyfriend took a walk around a Memorial Garden near where we live called Flaybrick. The cemetary dates back to the 1860s and it is just fascinating to walk round. Today was a beautiful day and all was quite there, it's minutes from the road but you can hardly hear the cars going past. The history behind it is so interesting, for me anyway, and in particular the story of Lock Ah Tam is one of intrigue (if anyone wants to go wiki him). I'm very into my history. The sad thing for me is that a large proportion of the grave stones are unkempt, as some date back to 1890's and even more of them are broken and shattered. The cemetary had 3 chapels so that tells you how large it is! One was demolished and the other 2, last used in '75, are now in considerable states of dereliction. I suppose that's just through generations of people moving on. The Gardens are now a conservation area. I just think it would be lovely to have tried to have kept them in condition so people could see how grand they would have been over 100 years ago! Ok, so I love my local history. They're my roots. My Great Grandmother is buried somewhere in the 26 acres so it's now my mission to try and find her plot. I'll see how I get on!

Anyway, tomorrow, after my 2 weeks off, I'm to start on ITU for 4 weeks. Quite nervous but I'm hoping it should be really interesting. As most of the patients will be poorly and unconscious it will be weird not being able to interact with them.

Lastly, how ACE is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!? I watched the majority of it last night before falling asleep and I'm going to finish watching it tonight. Possible new favourite modern film here. If you haven't seen it, pay a visit to a Blockbusters near you!!


Must learn to not go off on tangents...

Day 03 - Are you still out there?

Wow, I'm consistent. So here is day 03!

Day 3: A picture of you when you were a child
Sitting in my Nan and Grandad's back garden with a biscuit tin of stones. As you do.

And there we have it! Easy that one wasn't it!


Saturday, 9 April 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 02

Wahey you're still here!
Ok, so today is this, Day 02- Where were you 5 years ago?

Well step inside my Flux Capacitor and allow me to take you back to 09/04/2006! Ok, ok, so I can't remember what I was doing exactly to this day, BUT I can tell you a few things that happened around this time.

And there is me then, on the far left!

So, I'd just lost my lovely Nan way before her time on the 14th of March 2006 and if that wasn't horrific enough, I was also just about to do my GCSE's that summer and leave what had been my safe, comfortable place where I had met my close circle of friends for 5 years. Lastly, I was in a relationship with a bit of an idiot (it only took me another year and a half to figure that out!)

Troubles aside that time will always stick with me, of course losing my Nan was an awful time, but she was suffering, and nobody wants to see a loved one suffer,  Strangely, that is probably the most grown up I have ever felt. That realisation of leaving school, leaving all you know, and being free to make your own choices, how very liberating yet scary! It picks you up and shakes you with a force to your feet!

Looking back makes me sad, how care free you can be at 16 and how laden with cares and worries I feel now at 21. How everything can come to an end, when at one point you couldn't even see the horizon. Of course not everything has a happy ending. As girls can be, most went their seperate ways, and I was left with one friend out of our tightly knit circle. Which in turn went sour as you grow up and grow away towards your own Sun, to what makes you who you are.

If falling out with everything I'd known hadn't made me bitter (which it did for a while, before I picked myself up and found new people who suited me more at that time) what was to happen 2 years later certainly would. But hey that's another story! Aren't I depressive?! Jeez.

As to conclude my little trip down memory lane, I'd like to say 16! What an age! But what fun, and what drama you have at that age! Looking back now, what made you scream and shout and cry would make you laugh and turn the other cheek now. But that is growing up for you! And isn't it great!

Me just started College.

Me in a college Media shoot. Haha!

Hope to see you all for Day 03! It's like therapy!


Friday, 8 April 2011

30 Day Challenge

Wanted to break myself back into the world of blogging easily so here goes.
This particular 30 Day Challenge will be about me, so you can get to know me, fun hey! You are in for a WORLD of excitement!

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 facts about yourself:

This is me, two days ago, at Burton Agnes. I love Daffs.

1. Interesting fact, I'd already wrote out this blog and Blogger decided not to publish it and now it shall be lost in the cyberweb.

2. I should be sleeping. I spent 5 and a half hours in the car today, in this baking heat.

3. I'm training to be a nurse. I'm in my last year currently. Hopefully by September 2011 I should be the proud owner of a BA(hons) and a piece of paper that says I am a Registered Adult Nurse. I'll have people's lives in my hand! Scary huh?!

4. I love flowers, therefore I love flower. Soon will be the day I own all things Cath Kidston.

5. My Nan and Grandad, although they left a long time ago, remain so close to me. Funny how only a Grandparent can make you believe a sweet (those Refresher sweets) that she keeps in her first aid box will make it all better. Worked though!

6. I'm always tired. I realise I'm more 51 than 21. I'd rather sit in a pub than go clubbing. Drink thrown over my nice clothes and crushed toes no thank you!

7. I absolutely love the whole Harry Potter world. Fantasy at its best.

8. I have so much love for female artists showing everyone what they've got!

9. I love my dog Dougal! He's a 9 year old Westie and still acts like a puppy. He's set his tail on fire 2 times, he is a dope. But he's my dope.

10. My left arm has come out of its socket 3 times.

11. I've never broken a bone ever though. Resillient like that. *touch wood*

12. I would love to be doing musical theatre. I've seen over 10 musicals from Liverpool to London. If I had the confidence in myself, I'd be up there centre stage belting out showtunes!

13. I love anything vampire-y, Interview with a Vampire, Twilight etc. I've had this obsession since I was younger.

14. My two favourite films as a child; Nightmare Before Christmas and Beauty and the Beast.

15. I always paint my nails. Except when I'm on the wards. I've recently started doing nail art on my self and I'm not too shabby. I love experimenting. I currently own all of the Barry M Nail Paint collection, plus 100+ other brands. Some may say obsessed. I say prepared.

Ok, well done if you have survived the last 15 bullet points.

Now I challenge you to last the next 29 days. What do you say?!
There are no prizes. Just pride!