Friday, 8 April 2011

30 Day Challenge

Wanted to break myself back into the world of blogging easily so here goes.
This particular 30 Day Challenge will be about me, so you can get to know me, fun hey! You are in for a WORLD of excitement!

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 facts about yourself:

This is me, two days ago, at Burton Agnes. I love Daffs.

1. Interesting fact, I'd already wrote out this blog and Blogger decided not to publish it and now it shall be lost in the cyberweb.

2. I should be sleeping. I spent 5 and a half hours in the car today, in this baking heat.

3. I'm training to be a nurse. I'm in my last year currently. Hopefully by September 2011 I should be the proud owner of a BA(hons) and a piece of paper that says I am a Registered Adult Nurse. I'll have people's lives in my hand! Scary huh?!

4. I love flowers, therefore I love flower. Soon will be the day I own all things Cath Kidston.

5. My Nan and Grandad, although they left a long time ago, remain so close to me. Funny how only a Grandparent can make you believe a sweet (those Refresher sweets) that she keeps in her first aid box will make it all better. Worked though!

6. I'm always tired. I realise I'm more 51 than 21. I'd rather sit in a pub than go clubbing. Drink thrown over my nice clothes and crushed toes no thank you!

7. I absolutely love the whole Harry Potter world. Fantasy at its best.

8. I have so much love for female artists showing everyone what they've got!

9. I love my dog Dougal! He's a 9 year old Westie and still acts like a puppy. He's set his tail on fire 2 times, he is a dope. But he's my dope.

10. My left arm has come out of its socket 3 times.

11. I've never broken a bone ever though. Resillient like that. *touch wood*

12. I would love to be doing musical theatre. I've seen over 10 musicals from Liverpool to London. If I had the confidence in myself, I'd be up there centre stage belting out showtunes!

13. I love anything vampire-y, Interview with a Vampire, Twilight etc. I've had this obsession since I was younger.

14. My two favourite films as a child; Nightmare Before Christmas and Beauty and the Beast.

15. I always paint my nails. Except when I'm on the wards. I've recently started doing nail art on my self and I'm not too shabby. I love experimenting. I currently own all of the Barry M Nail Paint collection, plus 100+ other brands. Some may say obsessed. I say prepared.

Ok, well done if you have survived the last 15 bullet points.

Now I challenge you to last the next 29 days. What do you say?!
There are no prizes. Just pride!


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