Monday, 11 April 2011


I don't know if you will have heard of these, but I love them! Almost a new take on the charm bracelet, quite similar to Links and Pandora bracelets, although this is my favourite.

I started my collection on my 21st birthday in November. I received a Troll ring which I'd picked out off of my Mum and Dad. I absolutely love it, it is quite unusual looking and the engraving is gorgeous.

Jugend Pearl - the picture really doesn't do it justice, but I love it.

Then, as a surprise my boyfriend bought me a bracelet with 2 starter glass beads and a silver bead, and since then I have continued to add beads that relate to me.

My beads are, from left to right, French Anemone - which reminds me of Spring as I love flowers, Scottish Terrier - obviously for my gorgeous Dougal, (Discontinued Glass Bead) - I won this in a Trollbeads competition and the colours remind me of holiday and Greece, Carved Flowers, I picked this bead out off of Paul for my 21st (I later found out how expensive it was! - oops!), White Bubbles, reminds me of winter and all the snow, Heart Prints was picked out for me by Paul, Milan, strangely reminds me of a different city in a different country. It reminds me of Parc Guel in Barcelona which I loved when I visited nearly 2 years ago. Lastly is my newest addition, these photographs don't do it justice, it is called Green Flower Mosaic and it is a beautiful sparkly green! This was given to me by Paul on our 2 year anniversary.

I just love how you can attach your own meaning and there is SO many to choose from! My next one I would like is called Mocha which is a coffee bean design, this reminds me of my Nan as when I was younger she wore a coffee bean on a gold chain and it means so much to me to transfer this with a modern twist, and perhaps I can pass it down, like my Nan.

With Troll you can also choose the design of the lock on the chain, mine is lace flowers, so you really do feel unique with your bracelet!

I think they are a fabulous company with many, many beautiful designs. I would recommend their jewellery to anyone.

You can visit their website at or
you can follow them on Twitter: @mytrollbeads
and on Facebook by searching for My Trollbeads
- they occasionally have some little competitions running with lovely little prizes!


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