Sunday, 10 April 2011

An actual post!

Though I'd write a little something about nothing.

Some might find this morbid, but today me and my boyfriend took a walk around a Memorial Garden near where we live called Flaybrick. The cemetary dates back to the 1860s and it is just fascinating to walk round. Today was a beautiful day and all was quite there, it's minutes from the road but you can hardly hear the cars going past. The history behind it is so interesting, for me anyway, and in particular the story of Lock Ah Tam is one of intrigue (if anyone wants to go wiki him). I'm very into my history. The sad thing for me is that a large proportion of the grave stones are unkempt, as some date back to 1890's and even more of them are broken and shattered. The cemetary had 3 chapels so that tells you how large it is! One was demolished and the other 2, last used in '75, are now in considerable states of dereliction. I suppose that's just through generations of people moving on. The Gardens are now a conservation area. I just think it would be lovely to have tried to have kept them in condition so people could see how grand they would have been over 100 years ago! Ok, so I love my local history. They're my roots. My Great Grandmother is buried somewhere in the 26 acres so it's now my mission to try and find her plot. I'll see how I get on!

Anyway, tomorrow, after my 2 weeks off, I'm to start on ITU for 4 weeks. Quite nervous but I'm hoping it should be really interesting. As most of the patients will be poorly and unconscious it will be weird not being able to interact with them.

Lastly, how ACE is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!? I watched the majority of it last night before falling asleep and I'm going to finish watching it tonight. Possible new favourite modern film here. If you haven't seen it, pay a visit to a Blockbusters near you!!


Must learn to not go off on tangents...

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