Saturday, 9 April 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 02

Wahey you're still here!
Ok, so today is this, Day 02- Where were you 5 years ago?

Well step inside my Flux Capacitor and allow me to take you back to 09/04/2006! Ok, ok, so I can't remember what I was doing exactly to this day, BUT I can tell you a few things that happened around this time.

And there is me then, on the far left!

So, I'd just lost my lovely Nan way before her time on the 14th of March 2006 and if that wasn't horrific enough, I was also just about to do my GCSE's that summer and leave what had been my safe, comfortable place where I had met my close circle of friends for 5 years. Lastly, I was in a relationship with a bit of an idiot (it only took me another year and a half to figure that out!)

Troubles aside that time will always stick with me, of course losing my Nan was an awful time, but she was suffering, and nobody wants to see a loved one suffer,  Strangely, that is probably the most grown up I have ever felt. That realisation of leaving school, leaving all you know, and being free to make your own choices, how very liberating yet scary! It picks you up and shakes you with a force to your feet!

Looking back makes me sad, how care free you can be at 16 and how laden with cares and worries I feel now at 21. How everything can come to an end, when at one point you couldn't even see the horizon. Of course not everything has a happy ending. As girls can be, most went their seperate ways, and I was left with one friend out of our tightly knit circle. Which in turn went sour as you grow up and grow away towards your own Sun, to what makes you who you are.

If falling out with everything I'd known hadn't made me bitter (which it did for a while, before I picked myself up and found new people who suited me more at that time) what was to happen 2 years later certainly would. But hey that's another story! Aren't I depressive?! Jeez.

As to conclude my little trip down memory lane, I'd like to say 16! What an age! But what fun, and what drama you have at that age! Looking back now, what made you scream and shout and cry would make you laugh and turn the other cheek now. But that is growing up for you! And isn't it great!

Me just started College.

Me in a college Media shoot. Haha!

Hope to see you all for Day 03! It's like therapy!


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