Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Day Yesterday and Day 05 & 06

I was quite busy yesterday. I attended the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Congress 2011 held this time in Liverpool at the Echo Arena. It was a great day with lots of stalls (and freebies!), I attended some really interesting seminars! One in particular about Facebook. Did you know that a page you 'like' can use your other 'likes' to compare you to other fans? It really got me wondering about Facebook and who I am sharing things with. Facebook is making their privacy settings increasingly complicated. Have you ever thought how many people could be viewing that picture of you on a night out if your settings are 'friends of friends'? If you have 300 friends and each of them has 300 friends and they are also set to 'friends of friends' that is more maths than I can even do! You are really relying on your friends privacy settings. I know I'll be reviewing my privacy settings.

Day 05. 5 interesting facts about your family.

1. My Dad is one of 11 brothers and sisters, My mum has a brother and a sister. I however am an only child.
2. Nearing the end of the WWII my nan was a volunteer in the WRENs and my Grandad also recieved a medal which I keep safe. Sadly I don't know what this medal was for.
3. On 23 September 1943 my Dad's uncle, Private Joseph Layfield 3775137, 1st Bn., Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), died at the age of 23 (only 2 years older than me now) fighting in WWII, he is buried in Salerno War Cemetary. I'd love to take my dad to visit his grave.
4. My Mum was born in Somerset.
5. My Nan was from Dudley, she didn't speak like anyone elses Nan which made her even more special to me.

Day 06. What you would find in your bag.
You would find a lot of receipts, my phone, my filofax, my purse. PLENTY of lipsticks, glosses, balms. Girly things. Pens! Paracetamol, Ibuprofen... You name it, I'll have it.


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  1. I am an only child too and my parents are from big families :) xx